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Branded exhibition promotional printed conference tablecloths

Your promotional and exhibition tablecloth – transfer printed featuring your brand logo!

We produce transfer printed promotional and exhibition tablecloths with your company logos, corporate branding and promotional messages to suit all budgets, different applications and any design requirement. Simply chose the colour and size from our large selection, send us your design and we will manufacture an eye catching promotional, conference or exhibition tablecloth that will attract attention and create a outstanding impression. Logo Branded tablecloths can make a big difference in professionally presenting a company or organisation at exhibitions, conferences, presentations and product displays.

Your logo, brand or artwork can be transfer printed onto our tablecloths in any position you require. We can transfer print single or multiple colours and the logo can appear more than once on the tablecloth, at a minimal extra cost, just tell us how you want it to look.

promotional events tablecloths

There is no minimum order and large quantity orders will be at a discounted rate.
Ordering your tablecloth could not be easier, either fill in the online order form or email us or call us on 0843 318 3577 if you would like to discuss your particular requirements and the options available to you. Our staff will be very pleased to talk you through your enquiry to make sure you get the best possible service.

First impressions

Displaying at an exhibition or event comes very easy to promotional tablecloths with years of experience behind us. If you are new to exhibitions or events we can help you achieve your marketing goals with our logo printed tablecloths.

If your business is trying to promote your brand, a printed tablecloth will certainly help you do this affectively.

Promotional printed tablecloths can help your business achieve it’s goals and offer a very cost effective marketing tool to show off your brand to any targeted customer base. Please get in touch if you need any advice from our friendly team.

Trade Show tablecloths available with Custom Printing

Our customised trade show table covers are a good marketing weapon for any seasoned exhibitors or the more inexperienced ones.

A successful exhibit booth will certainly draw in your potential audience with our customised and branded trade show cover. Why have a boring display when our covers offer the perfect branding experience shared with your customers, it also makes any exhibit highly professional. Your trade show cloth can be shown at any event, conference, exhibition, hotel events, storefronts, markets and much much more…

Types of trade show tablecloths available

Unprinted – plain tablecloth, good if you are on a budget and just require a plain colour to dress your table.

Custom branded & printed – These are one of the most powerful ways to display your business at an exhibition. Not only do they look professional, they possibly attract the customer.

Ask about our branded promotional merchandise products to compliment your presentation or exhibition, these are an added bonus to go with your tablecloth.

Get in touch with our UK sales team if you have any questions about any of our services.

Please browse these pages, and contact us for any further information or assistance, we are always happy to help you with your enquiries.