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Promotional tablecloth sizes

promotional tablecloth sizeBespoke tablecloth sizes

Joins (also called seams) are points where two pieces of fabric have been stitched together to make a very large tablecloth, as per a customer’s requirement.

As we cut and make all our tablecloths from rolls of fabric, the maximum size we can make without any joins is 1.5 mtrs. If that width is exceeded, we will have to join two pieces of fabric together to reach your required size.

If you require a different size than above please contact us to discuss your requirements

The seam (join) will always be on the longest length and at the back of the table cloth when used to keep the cloth looking professional.


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How do I measure my table?

To help you select the right size cloth you need to know the
size of your table. You need to know three of the dimensions,
the height of the table, the length of the table and the depth of the table.

Please note: Our tablecloths do not fit exactly to the table, the 1.5 and 2 mtr cloths are meant to hang over the table allowing creases to fold in and the cloth to hang over the table. If you are not clear about the size required please use the illustration below which shows the length, height and depth of your table.

All our Tablecloths are manufactured and printed in England UK.